Monday, April 30, 2012

Swirling Thoughts #217 – a peek into the psyche of EL AL Customer Service (Guest Post by Bob)

Me. You switched me to a middle seat and I had a window seat. What happened?

Them. We did not switch your seat. We switched planes and now your seat is a middle and not a window, but it’s the name number.

Me. Yes, but now I am in the middle and before I had a window.

Them. There is nothing we can do and it’s not our fault.

Me. Well it’s not my fault either and it’s not fair.

Them. There is nothing we can do and it’s not our fault. We did not switch you. We switched planes.

Me. Okay. The extra seat added. Why don't you switch that guy to the middle and move me to the window as originally done.

Them. We can't do it. This is his seat.

Me. No, it’s my seat because you switched planes.

Them. No it is not. There is nothing we can do. What do you want us to do?

Me. Switch me to an aisle seat.

Them. (after checking...) There is nothing available. We are overbooked. There is nothing we can do.

Me. Okay. All I want is for you to say that you are sorry and what was done to me was not fair.

Them. I can't do that. It is fair. We did not change your seat we ....

Me. Yes I know you just switched planes. You told me that. Do you really think what happened was fair? I am not blaming you. I just want you to acknowledge it is not fair and an apology. That's all. And I want you to know I am not happy.

Them. No. (then silence). You are right. It’s not fair. I thought I apologized.

Me. You did not.

Them. Are you sure I did not apologize?

Me. Yes.

Them. I am sorry.

Me. Okay. Please switch me.

Switched to an exit row, aisle seat!