Thursday, August 6, 2009

swirling thoughts #1 - anticipation

Swirling Thoughts #1

sorting my entire life into two piles. stay and go.

Do I instruct my tenants to pay for sewer maintenance three times yearly or will they figure it out when the kitchen sink gurgles after an upstairs toilet flush?

slowly packing every material aspect of my life into a box. if they open the box full of swiffer jet refills and ziploc bags i'll be exposed for the spoiled american i really am. here's hoping i can slither into israeli life with my american comforts until i get used to sponga and little sakim with twisty ties....

Do they have Asher’s asthma meds in Israel? Should I stockpile Xopenex the way I am stockpiling Maybelline Eyeliner in Velvet Black?

No more worrying about Kemach Yashon. Except for that pesky detail in the Guide to Chodosh that mentions American cereals imported into Israel. Must force children to acquire a taste for “Kornflakim”.

Chocolate chips will cost me $4/bag. It may be cheaper to smoke than to feed my chocolate addiction.

now in the market for outdoor furniture, living and dining room furniture, beds and area rugs. Kind of makes you wonder how i've been living here in brooklyn.

As my girls argue over the correct pronunciation of biscotti I wonder about the availability of small cookie sheets to fit in my absurdly small Israeli oven.

fried shnitzle and zucchini for dinner - am i in israel already?

yes i'm so israeli i already cannot spell in english. let's try again. i fried SCHNITZEL and zucchini. we must to eat now.

Taster’s Choice Decaf was 34 Shekels in the makolet last summer. Contemplating caffeinating myself in order to keep up with the super-charged fleet of Israeli women who sponga daily, wash clothes by hand and fry schnitzel the way I nuke fishsticks. Wait – these are my husband’s Israeli aunts, not my Anglo neighbors.

Will we bring a TV? Be TV-free? Watch Israeli TV?

now it's getting personal. packed my cookbooks. choking...back...tears...

typing up my "box manifest". it reads pretty funny. photo albums, door mat, 12 kitchen sponges, little people auto garage (yes, the one from 1970), atlas, fork caddy, 12 casettes i simply couldn't part with, staples, nursing bras, competitive runners manual, american doll chairs... you get the picture. like me, the packing is all over the map.

i can't believe they sent a 40 cubic high container b/c we were afraid we'd be overflowing and it is HALF FULL. i told bob to run out and buy a year's supply of Bounty to fill the rest (bounty in israel - $5/roll)

moving to israel because there aren't enough smoking israelis hoching lugees all around me in brooklyn.

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