Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #147 – what about the doctor, the lawyer, the accountant?

The life guard, the tour guide, and the bus driver.

Bob always insists these are three of the most respected professions in Israel.

A Tel Aviv life guard commands the respect of an IDF general. Does anyone ever NOT listen when the lifeguard shouts out, “AH-lo! AH-lo!” ?

The lifeguard doesn’t retire. He trades his sporty trunks for a Speedo and moves into the prestigious post of hotel pool lifeguard. Or Dead Sea lifeguard. Or Sachne hot springs lifeguard. A life of leisurely laps, Turkish coffee and still, the utmost respect as he demands strict adherence to ‘pool rules.’ I think my friend Silby should move to Israel and become a lifeguard. I will suggest it.

Tour guides train for two intense years and then must pass a national exam. They gain access to the otherwise inaccessible and speak with authority about the land and its rich history. And sometimes, they carry a gun. Brains and brawn. Bob’s retirement dream is to become a tour guide. I think it's a perfect fit.

Bus drivers are often a blend – knowledgeable, rule oriented and armed. Maybe with a gun but most definitely with their own choice of music for your bus ride. On some level this speaks to me. My dream car is a 9-seater Volkswagon Transporter. Oh, how different life is here!

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