Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #151 - oh, baby!

Think of it as army training...
When Bob and I honeymooned in Israel we visited his aunt who was babysitting for her twin 9 month old grandsons. They were cute and active little boys. Crawling up and down her stone stairs, each with a piece of rye bread in one hand. We thought, ‘what tough Israeli babies!’

Throughout the years I would think of them – from my childproof house with safety gates, carpet, high chairs and melt-in-your-mouth special-for-baby snacks. I had pampered American babies!

Now I have an Israeli baby
By definition she is less pampered. When I forgot to bring swim things up north last week she went in the water in her pamper. And when it swelled up to the point of bursting, we took it off and she went in the water without it. She loves to sit up so she sits on the stone floor. And she tips over and falls on the stone floor. And it’s okay. She’s okay. I’m okay.

Is she tough?
She ate fistfuls of grass last week. She threw up after. She was fine. I was fine. I knew I was having an Israeli baby. I didn’t realize that would make me an Israeli mom.

What does an Israeli mom feed her baby?
Last week as I scoured the yogurt case in the supermarket, searching for something appropriate for my baby to eat, I ran into a nice lady who made a few suggestions and then asked me why I was feeding her sugary yogurt and not gevina levanah.


Gevina levana literally translates to white cheese. It is smooth and creamy and tastes like cottage cheese without the curds. As my baby gobbled up the entire container I realized I now have one of those Israeli babies who eats food that only exists in Israel.

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  1. Doesn't it feel wonderful?

    All my children were born here in Israel, and when my oldest was just a few days old a thought occurred to me: she is the first member of my family to be born in our homeland for the past 2,000 years. That was enough to stop me in my tracks. That, and the fact that her first solid food was Bamba....