Saturday, January 1, 2011

Swirling Thoughts #183 - We’re all getting so…Israeli.

It’s happening to 7 year old Becky now, too…
The new housekeeper made my room so…misadair!
Becky – how do you say misadair in English?
Um…cleaned and nice?
One word, Becks.

A few days later,
Mom, what’s that word for misadair again?


And yesterday, doing gymnastics in the living room.
Look Aba, I can do a tzvi!
Becky, what’s a tzvi ?
(A handstand with some leg movements, apparently)
Um…Barbara, how do you say tzvi in English?
Deer, Becky.
Aba, look, I can do a deer!

Rosie has used the word k’eelu maybe 3 times in the last 2 weeks.
From my previous post regarding the word k’eelu:
Do you, like, remember the way we used to, like, talk in
middle school? Sometimes there was, like, an extra word with no meaning? I’m not sure, but, like, I think k’eelu is the Hebrew equivalent. Sort of that and sort of ‘as if’. K’eelu.
Well, now here was my opportunity.
I could ask a real Israeli, who effortlessly uses the word k’eelu, what it really means.
Rosie, what is k’eelu?
You know, Ima. For fake.
I guess “as if” to a four year old is “for fake”.

Ulpan – Round 2. And a promotion. Grade 2.
I start my new ulpan tomorrow. A six week course that meets for an hour each day. I had to take a short quiz to see which group I belonged in. The questions went along the lines of:
Can you give directions? YES!
Can you order in a restaurant? TOTALLY! I can so do that!
Can you call Rami Levy when your grocery order has not arrived 6 hours after you left the store to inquire after your order? OMG! I rock at that!
But then when the Rami Levy lady starts telling you what actually happened to your order, do you hand the phone to your husband? Yep, that’s me.

My kids saw a photo of our Brooklyn house during the snowstorm. Asher asked me:
What’s that dancing rabbi van doing in front of our house?
That's a commercial van.
Just a regular van. No dancing rabbis.

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