Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swirling Thoughts #203 - the yoman reshet has made its impact!

Somebody’s been paying attention
I’ve been asking these questions since I got here. Did Israelis never need a svetshirt, eat a sanvich or a mahfin, go on a dayt, or be in shok before Anglos showed up? Of course they did! And now the Misrad ha Chinuch (the people who invented school, according to Asher), have implemented a campaign throughout our Anglo community to let us know that in Israel, we speak Hebrew.

There are signs hanging all over Efrat, each with a word that has been adapted from the English (such as shampu, deesk, trampolina, teeshu & veeroos), followed by the official Hebrew word (for shampoo, disk, trampoline, tissue and virus).

I’ve been busy compiling my photo mi-lone (dictionary). The highlights, so far…

AHN-LIYN (mekuvan)

GPS (navtan)

and my favorite,

BLOG (yoman reshet).

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  1. My Hungarian father brought me up in Hebrew that was a combination of Biblical and Bialik. When I was cold I wore a tzimriya, until I moved to Israel. I didn't stop wearing it then because it wasn't so cold out, only because a tzimriya became a svedder.