Monday, March 1, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #120 – let there be light!

1. At the end of the day, no matter how many creative and fancy mishloach manot are delivered (read: granola parfaits, sushi, chip and dip, appetizing plates, health salads) the house will be overrun with the three items which are the essence of ‘snack’ and ‘celebration’ in Israel – toffee (as in the kind pelted at bar mitzvah boys at the Kotel), coated wafers (I’ve already discussed the deep connection between the people of Israel and the coated wafer), and Bamba (as in the snack that comes out of every number and letter combination in the ever popular Bamba vending machine). By flashlight, I stuffed an oversized Ziploc (yes, I still have a few) with toffee, a shopping bag with coated wafers, and an entire cupboard with Bamba. I should have as much nutritious food at arm’s reach.

2. Snacking on mixed nuts while sorting mishloach manot by flashlight segues to gagging and spitting out chewed up pistachio shells with near certainty.

3. Leaving even one mishloach manot on the table when retiring at night is the surest way to guarantee a 6am wake-up call from disgruntled children who cannot agree on the fairest distribution of toffee, coated wafers and Bamba for breakfast.

How can I complain about sideways rain when 80° F is the default temp?
Five days into our winter storm, with a variety of weather warnings along the lines of
‘Beware of heavy rains, high winds and falling fences,’ and two days into my own personal partial blackout, a reprieve is on the horizon. My lights have been restored (though my waterlogged motorized back door tris remains out of commission) and a look ahead shows temps in the high 80’s early next week. It’s cause for celebration. Thankfully we’re fully stocked with celebratory snacks.

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  1. I need to get me some of this sushi mishloach manot! I also have never tried those Bamba vending machines... that sounds like an Israeli classic...