Sunday, February 28, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #119 – Purim Sameah!

Weather afook
Underscoring the upside down nature of the holiday there has been howling wind, horizontal rain, thunder, lightening, hail and heavy fog interspersed with brief bouts of sunshine every day since Ta’anit Esther. They say it’s always like this on Purim.

Lights are over-rated (or ‘camping is under-rated’)
Something about steady pounding horizontal rain interacted poorly with my electrical wiring and just after Shabbat we were surprised with no electricity on our main floor and, for some reason, an unusually cranky baby. Our neighbor, an electrician (and an Aba), worked diligently to restore as much electricity as he could and suggested we carry Rachel Merav face down on her belly to alleviate her obvious stomach discomfort. The baby stopped crying and the electricity started working – well, mostly. We packed mishloach manot by flashlight and hope to have lights working sometime this week…

Most (surprisingly) common Purim costume:
The Native American

Most popular Mishloah Manot:
Granola with yogurt and fruit

Most unusual Mishloach Manot:
Challah roll with a hard boiled egg baked into the center – represents the eye of Haman – when you eat the egg you are gouging out his eye…

Most surreal moment:
Walking home from shul at 9am and being offered a shot of whiskey by a neighbor driving around with an open bottle.

Tied for most surreal moment:
Bob, dressed as my Punjabi groom, rushing to do sponga before nightfall.

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