Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #113 - perspective

My sister-in-law remembers coming to Kever Rachel some 15 years ago. It was a once in a lifetime experience for her. I have a friend here who recites Tehillim at Kever Rachel once a week.

Green Alert!
I got 2 calls from friends alerting me to the presence of Bodek spinach in the makolet last week. Then there was the ‘breaking news’ email from my grocery delivery guy – fresh insect-free broccoli – one per family while supplies last. I could not believe my good luck.

What is convenience anyway?
There is no pizza delivery motzei Shabbat. (In Efrat nothing opens motzei Shabbat). We have no 7-11 (sheva-echatesreh?), no bodega, no place local to pick up milk or diapers (or emergency chocolate) in the middle of the night. We came from the city that never sleeps (and certainly never runs out of Bodek spinach) to a place where lights out seems to be at 9pm (and fresh broccoli is breaking news).

At 9:45pm last night, when I finally decoded the note from Rosie’s gan telling me to send in 5 cucumbers for her Rosh Chodesh party today, I looked at the clock and simultaneously realized that
1. no store will be open at this hour.
2. there exists an expectation that any self-respecting Israeli will OF COURSE have 5 cucumbers to spare at a moment’s notice

Silly me – spending the day at the Dead Sea instead of cucumber shopping.

While Rosie celebrated Rosh Chodesh with her gan, we drove to Hebron. Why not? It couldn’t be more convenient!

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