Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #114 - when summer weather is foreshadowing ...

Just as I finished reconciling the list of school days off with Bob’s travel dates for the next few months it hit me. My kids are off school the TEN DAYS BEFORE (that’s right, BEFORE) Pesah. Of course they are also off during Pesah and for Isru Chag. With just 2 days of Yom Tov total (read: one seder), this makes for lots of fun family tiyul time. Which I’ll need to recover from those ten days of Pesah cleaning with all my kids home. And no husband…

If Pesah lasts a month, why shouldn’t Purim be 2 weeks long?
Purim in Israel seems to officially start with Rosh Chodesh Adar. I’m not just talking about Hamentaschen in the makolet. I’m not even talking about candy displays littering the aisles or wine displays that have overtaking entire sections of the supermarket. I’m talking about 14 straight days of face painting, mask-making, games, and candy. At school! And no homework.

Purim afook
Barbara and Becky came home singing a special song for Purim – something about everything being afook – upside down and opposite. Then Asher came home telling me about a list of new rules – special for Purim.

I’m allowed to bring my DSI to school.
This, just one week after he was caught with the DSI at school and told NOT to bring the DSI to school. Hmmm…
I can show you the rules, mom!
He could hardly contain himself.
See, Mom! Rule Number Four! Ken Ta’aseh Lecha Pesel Et Hamachashirim Ha’electronim V’tasech Otam Bizman ha Hafseka!

Even with my cave-man Hebrew I could pick out the key words – ken (yes) electronim (enough said), hafseka (recess).

I had him translate the rest of the rules, all under the heading “Rules for (the two weeks of) Purim.”

No homework.
Rosh Chodesh will be celebrated with games (and no learning) the whole day.
If the teacher comes five minutes late to class, it’s a free period.
If the teacher sends you out of class you can come right back in.
If they teacher tells you to stop reading your library book in class, you can continue reading your library book in class.
You must obey the principal Sunday through Wednesday only.

Bob ran into a friend today who reminded him to send Asher to school in costume this Wednesday.
But Purim is not until Sunday.
Don’t you know – the kids are finished learning for the year.
What do you mean?
Now it’s Purim. Two weeks later it’s Passover. That brings us right into April. And that’s it. The year is finished.



  1. I have to agree - we have the same phenomenon here in Bet Shemesh - apparently the school year ends Rosh Chodesh Adar - and the rest of the year is pretty much unofficial babysitting. But think of it this way - we don't have to give up our israeli breakfasts in J-m without the kids - and there's no HW anymore!