Monday, November 22, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #176 – conversations with rosie

Rosie’s been learning about composting in gan. She’ll burst out with a tidbit about composting in the middle of dinner, bath, or playtime. What goes in the composter, what doesn’t go in the composter, all kinds of things about the composter. Except that she calls it the com-POST-air. And they must teach it in terms of gender roles because she tells me
Aba has to put the peels in the com-POST-air. Tell Aba, Mommy.

Today they took a field trip to the Mercaz (Central) Something or Other that has to do with composting. Not recognizing the words I asked her what it was. She thought for a minute and then explained
It’s like a gan…without yeladim (children).

Mini Clips
Look Mommy! A heepusheet!
You mean lady bug, Rosie?

Look Mommy! Asher and Becky have otodovar! And me and Barbara have otodovar!
You mean Asher and Becky’s slushies are the same? And yours and Barbara’s are the same?

Mommy, I want to make sure there is lahamagine maspeak l’kulam.
You mean you want to make sure there is enough lahamagine for everyone?

I’m trying not to lose Rosie’s English. But this email from school reminded me that the important thing is not to misplace Rosie.

Via Google Translate:
School Secretariat collected many pairs of glasses. And children.

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