Monday, February 7, 2011

Swirling Thoughts #187 - how to be grateful for rain after 9 straight days of rain

Asher came home last week with his toes popping out of holes in his sneakers.
I think I need new sneakers, mom.
Every day since then I’ve lamented whatever turn of events that have kept me from taking Asher to the Teva Outlet, just 7 minutes from my house, to buy new sneakers.
It’s okay, mom. My feet get a lot of nice ventilation with these shoes.
What a sport.
Today as he walked in from the rain, toes wiggling inside wet socks, I put everything else aside and with much determination announced my grand intention.
Today we will get Asher his sneakers!

I loaded Peetoosh, Rosie and Asher into the car and we were on our way.
Soon we noticed it was hard to see out of the windshield. Rosie suggested I use my wipers. I gave the wipers a whirl. But it wasn't raining.
I still can’t see, mom! Asher was getting worried.
It’s just fog. You know, one of those clouds from the sky is sitting on the earth.
Then we noticed it was impossible to see out of the windshield.

We pulled into Alon Shvut, a nearby yishuv on the way to the shoe store.
I was concerned about continuing down the windy road but also concerned about turning back, since my next destination was the ever foggy Neve Daniel, to pick up Becky. I was weighing the risks out loud when Asher chimed in.
Let’s just go mom.
Yeah! We can make it!
Ok, then. We will risk our lives for sneakers.
Rosie didn’t appreciate the dark humor.
Me: I see a car coming!
Asher: It’s a bus!
Me: Do you see the street? Oh, wait, I see the street!
Asher: Are you sure you see the street? Uh, mom, you need to see the street.
Rosie: Mommy, I’m scared!
I have to admit. It was the scariest 2 minute drive of my life
But we arrived.
Alive, Baruch Hashem, and ready to buy sneakers.
I asked for the ‘We risked our lives to shop in your store today discount’. And got it.

As we drove home the conversation shifted from Bob Marley lyrics
Asher: What's The Almighty?
Me: Hashem
Asher: If he’s singing about Hashem, is he Jewish?
Me: Um, I don’t think Bob Marley is Jewish, no.
to why Rosie didn’t need a 3rd pair of Shabbat shoes
Me: How many pairs of Shabbat shoes do starving children in Africa have?
Rosie: None?
to the cloud, which had miraculously lifted and shifted to rain.
And I was never so thankful for rain over fog in my entire life.

Sunset from Neve Daniel on a clear day:

Sunset from Neve Daniel today:
It's the same shot - note the tree in both pics.

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