Monday, February 21, 2011

Swirling Thoughts #189 - good friends, good times, good flafel

Today I had the heartwarming experience of spending time with two ladies, cousins, the grandfather of one who’d rescued the father of the other from Hungary just before the Holocaust. The rescued father passed away last month and his unveiling was yesterday. I sat with these ladies at the bris of his great grandson. Named today, in his memory.

On the way to the bris the conversation was a bit lighter. We discussed such things as the inverse relationship between time spent living in Israel and reluctance to drink sink water.
Hypothesis: The longer you live here, the less you resist sink water.
Barbara brought the following proof:
Rosie’s the most Israeli of the family and Rosie drinks sink water at gan every day. She doesn’t even want to bring a water bottle!
I volunteered that I drink sink water when it is served to me though I am still reluctant to open up the faucet into my drinking glass at home.

After the bris I got the compliment of a lifetime. My friend’s brother, living in the Haredi neighborhood of Ramat Shlomo, mentioned that he’d been hearing about my blog from his sister and thought it was so funny he was tempted to get a computer.

It’s possible to taste Brooklyn
I spent a couple hours with a good friend in Geula yesterday. The mission was straightforward: Asher needs Shabbat pants. We parked, walked into the first store we saw, bought dress pants, and walked out. Time to explore! We shopped for gifts in a leather store (not like Wilson Leather – a store with leather bound prayer books, photo albums, book marks, you name it) then made our way to Brooklyn Bakery (Bob, later that day, “Wow! It really does taste like Brooklyn!”). We shopped for headbands in a store that sells decorative headbands, clocks, silver napkin trays, and fake bridal bouquets. I didn’t notice the name of the store but we referred back to it as the headband, clock and bridal bouquet store. We stopped for Felafel at Flafel Hashalom (that’s no typo), rumored to be the best falafel (flafel?) in Israel. And then we made our way home. Mission accomplished…and then some!

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