Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #90 – that’s our shul!

Refunds, cancellations – no! no!
There is some variation of this message on the bottom of every sales receipt I’ve received since our arrival here. Funny that it’s only in English while the rest of the receipt is in Hebrew. As if Israelis have no expectation of getting a refund (or cancellation?) – ever.

Maybe our government should pay more attention to the sales receipts
Permits are in place and construction is under way. Yet government authorized building inspectors are coming around to cancel the work. On homes. On shuls. On everything. Bob went out to protest the building freeze. After all, we are ‘settlers’.

He returned with pictures of all our friends participating in the protest, including Rosie’s best friend. This one, of 3 year old Yosefi, helping to lay the foundation of our shul, was also captured by CNN.

There are other things going on this week. A sheva berachot. A fundraiser for the Kobe Mandel Foundation. A “just checking because Lisa is neurotic” visit from the lice lady (clean!). A parent-teacher conference over the phone in Hebrew (I did it!). A visit to the shoe store because when you are no longer pregnant and it is 40° F outside people tend to look at you funny when you are still wearing shep sheps (sandals). A trip to the shuk because we are taking a stand against the expensive and often sub-par fruit available at our makolet. Flu shots at the kupat cholim.

My life goes on.

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