Monday, December 21, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #97 – israelification – still incomplete (but the evidence is mounting...)

Before we left for the north I got my first tub of spreadable chocolate (and a big “oohwah” from Bob). When the kids started asking for snacks, about 30 seconds into the drive, I proudly declared, “For snack we have chocolate sandwiches.”

Israel is a really small place
When you travel to the north via Route 90 you drive along the Jordanian border. You are thisclose. So it really shouldn’t be surprising to receive a text message welcoming you to Jordan and inviting you to try out the free services of the Jordanian cell phone provider. But it is surprisingly funny.

How much is too much?
On our way, we stopped to visit the chocolate factory at Kibbutz Degania, on the southern tip of the Kineret. The kids had a great time creating chocolate dreidels and decorating blocks of Israeli wafers with chocolate and sprinkles (read: sugar on top of chocolate on top of sugar).

In the meantime I waited with my mom in the café. When my friend Michal phoned to see how it was going I could hear her smiling as I whispered into the phone, “I’m in the corner of the café hiding under a blanket nursing my baby.” I was sure all the café patrons could hear her laughter over the phone. “You’re nursing in a café? Now you’re really Israeli!”

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  1. My kids have been bugging us to take them to the Chocolate Factory. I had not idea it was at this famous kibbutz. you know the history of this place, I'm sure. A friend of ours here went there during the summer vacation and he indicated it was near the Golan. WRONG !!!! (everything up north to these people is probably "the Golan")

    We took the kids to Hershey this summer and were kind of disappointed. Long ride, crowded, fast tour (we didn't do the amusement park; just the Hersheys Chocolate World) I am very interested in comparing and seeing an israeli chocolate museum/factory.

    tell me if it is worth the trip.