Thursday, December 10, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #94 - Nes gadol haya po!

Half my Shabbat cooking is finished. The hanukiah's are set up. I unpacked the very last box today (and found my socks!). I picked up the mail and paid the gardener. The laundry's done, the house is clean, and there’s coffee cake. Bob would be proud. Nes gadol haya po.

Don’t blink or you might miss it
It’s strawberry season! For a country that is totally obsessed with artificial strawberry (toot) flavoring – toot marshmallows, toot Bamba, toot slushies, toot-banana flavored juice, ice cream and yogurt – it’s not surprising that when the real deal shows up briefly in the produce section, there is a little toot tutorial on the package letting parents know that real strawberries are actually healthy for children.

Good Yiddishe Nachas
While my kids (really just Asher) come home from school with a steady stream of juvenile jokes and songs – most of which don’t make any sense and were concocted for the purpose of making use of silly rhymes (clever stuff like Obama and your mama; George Bush and your tush; and the ever recurring Jaba the Butt) – they also come home with some special surprises. Some I overhear by accident. Like (3 year old) Rosie singing Birchat Hamazon to herself. Before I was done fainting from that she launched into Vea’hafta. This afternoon I asked Barbara to rock the baby in the carriage and sing to her. She blew me away when she sang (perfectly) 2 perekim of Tehillim. Then Becky joined in. She also knew them by heart.

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