Sunday, May 16, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #139 – Rosie’s acclimation is complete

A Ghroze by any other name…
Rose is רוז
So far so good.
But then, for some reason, it gets spelled back into English as Roz. Which, to my American eye, is Rahz. But for an Israeli, is still Rose. Or should I say Ghroze?

In any case, it’s Rose, my most Israeli child, (did I mention she calls herself Ghroze?) who, when mumbling out loud in her sleep, has revealed something special – she dreams in Hebrew.

Got Dainty?
Another holiday is upon us – Shavuot. Tomorrow Rosie’s gan will visit another gan and have a halvi (dairy) party. She was instructed to bring her own מעדן
According to Rosie, ma’adan is a yogurt. With chocolate crunch on top. Or a Milky.

But when I looked up yogurt on google translate it gave me back יוגורט
(yogurt, spelled out in Hebrew). So what’s a ma’adan? I found madan. Not the same. Surely Rosie was not being asked to bring quarrel, strife or contention to gan tomorrow.

Where google translator fell short, my handy Hebrew-English dictionary (a parting gift from the Ladies Auxiliary) came through. Ma’adan is a dainty. That’s right. Rosie needs to bring a dainty to school tomorrow. Funny - I don't picture yogurt when I hear dainty. Quick consult with the English dictionary. Hmmm….

something delicious to the taste; a delicacy.

Okay! Dainty = Delicacy! And in Israel (or at least in Rosie’s gan), dainty = delicacy =yogurt with crunch. Or Milky.

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  1. Wow. Excellent sleuthing. That's, like, a lotta layers.