Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #142 – supply and demand and a magical mystery tour

In Israel paper is in short supply but magnets appear not to be. And so, we have magnetized business cards. Which you will find, unsolicited, everywhere. Stuck to your fence, your gate, your car. An essential part of Passover cleaning is thinning out the collection of magnetized business cards accumulated throughout the year. I wouldn’t have realized that many front doors here are made of metal if not for the magnetized business cards adorning them.

Paper’s not the only thing in short supply (Alternately “magnetic imaging is not a magnet”)
In Brooklyn there was a medical imaging office on just about every corner. Need an MRI? Get one tomorrow. A friend recently shared her experience trying to procure an appointment here for an MRI. There are maybe 5 MRI machines in the country. So it makes sense that they work around the clock but it still seems weird. She was first scheduled in Jerusalem for a midnight appointment but it was two months away. So she’s heading to Tel Aviv next week instead. For a 3am MRI.

The weirdness of middle of the night medical imaging is fading after hearing Rabbi Riskin talk more about his connection to the Lubavitcher Rebbe. A story from more than 40 years ago in which he desperately needed the Rebbe’s guidance and an audience with the Rebbe was quickly arranged for him. For the very next night... at 2:30 in the morning.

Paper is in such short supply there is not enough even to send home trip notices! (to be fair - there's not enough paper for an english notice after the hebrew notice!)
Rosie had a tiyul today. I knew she was going on a tiyul because she told me so.
Ima! I have a tiyooool. I don’t need to bring any food. Just a mamtak!
What’s a mamtak? Is it a snack? Or candy?
I don’t know. I think it’s potato chips.
Do you need a kovah (hat)?
Yes! A mamtak and a kovah!
Do you need mashu lishtot
(something to drink)?
Ummmm…yes. But no tik (bag). And no ochel (food).
Do you need sunscreen?
No! The ganenet will put.
Where are you going?
On a real tiyoool ima! With a bus and a train!

And so I sent her off with a hat and water and a few pieces of Israeli toffee because Barbara said a mamtak is a candy. But then Barbara came back to tell me Rosie was supposed to bring candy for the entire gan. Of course she was. These kids don’t realize I am on to their scheme. I just smiled and gave over the big bag of toffee.

And so, from Rosie’s excited, albeit disjointed, recounting of the day I am getting, in little joyous outbursts, a glimpse of her mystery tiyul.
There was a REAL RAKEVET!!!
What’s a rachevet, Rosie?
It’s a um…um…um… oh, yeah, a rakevet is a TRAIN! And we took a REAL bus!

About an hour later, out of nowhere: And we went on a merry weather!
A merry-go-round?
YES! A merry-go-round!

During the bath she exclaimed: There were animals! I petted some!

A bus and a train and a merry-go-round. Candies and animals. If only they’d sent her home with a magnetic business card.

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