Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swirling Thoughts # 78 – nesting but not really and could it be colder here than on Hoth?

Does doubling a recipe of spanech jibn count as nesting?
As I was furiously unpacking a basket of miscellaneous items that Bob had announced would probably be sitting atop my dresser for the rest of my life I recalled a theory I’d formulated in my last pregnancy or maybe the one before that – it’s not that you start to nest when you are getting close to giving birth. It’s that as you get close to giving birth, you nest so furiously you put yourself into labor. Not wanting to really test the hypothesis just yet, I slowed down. The basket of miscellaneous items is now officially unpacked, the hospital bag is sort of packed but that’s about it. Oh, yes, and soon there will be a spanech jibn in my freezer.

If your pace is slow enough and your expectations are low enough…
We took a leisurely trip into Jerusalem to Ace hardware today. We searched for some items we recently realized we were lacking (door mats and a mechanism to hold rain boots). A 50% success rate – not bad. On the way in, the soldiers at the macshom (security checkpoint we pass through on the way out of Gush Etzion/in to Jerusalem) were all wearing these really cool snow suits. On the order of Han Solo on the cold planet of Hoth (see pic). Except that they were full-body snow suits – head to toe. Bob, always looking for lively conversation in Hebrew, asked one of the soldiers where he could get one – if they were army issued or not. The soldier looked at Bob funny since he really speaks Hebrew like an Israeli (and wouldn’t an Israeli already know the answer to that question?) and Bob had to tell him we’re “Stam Amerikayim!” He laughed and waved us along. Did he know we were headed to Ace? Where they actually carry the full-body Hoth suit. And space heaters. And bathroom heaters. And bed heaters. We live in the desert, right?

When it’s cold and your house/dorm is made of stone, there is nowhere to hide
One of the yeshivah students we host for Shabbat called this afternoon to ask where he could buy a space heater. Seems he’s been freezing in his dorm each night. Bob, who never forgot the bone-chilling cold of winter in an old city yeshivah dorm, heard the call to duty loud and clear. Together, they went to buy a space heater and Bob made him a shopping list of things for his relatives to send. Namely down comforter, puffy coat and long underwear.

We learn this in school!
Becky just asked me if I want to play Beytzim. Seems it’s a game. A game where you throw the ball against the wall and then jump up and let it bounce under your legs. Where have I seen that before? I thought Beytzim meant eggs!

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  1. sounds like becky really wants to see you give birth in real time!!