Saturday, November 7, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #81 – Nesting is overrated. Isn’t there something about sentimentality just before birth?

Last summer (when we were “trying out” Efrat) I wanted to make some special foods to welcome Bob back from a trip to America. I asked the health food store owner where to buy grape leaves to make yebra (grape leaves stuffed with meat and rice). He smiled and extended his arm, gesturing to the beautiful landscape, and said, “It’s shmita – just walk around and pick the leaves.” And so, with the help of my kids, we roamed Efrat picking grape leaves from anyone whose vine was extending over their fence. Mind you, it was summer time, the kids were out of camp and there was not much else going on.

Fast forward to now – the shmita year is finished and who has time to hike all over Efrat picking grape leaves? Between ulpan, school notices, quick trips to Jerusalem, and the matter of being 9 months pregnant – grape leaves must be purchased, not picked. So Wednesday Bob headed to the shuk and brought back an array of meats, fruits, Middle Eastern delicacies (read: ka’ak, olives, halva) AND grape leaves.

Sometimes a special experience gets sandwiched in between larger, more noteworthy experiences. Roaming Efrat picking grape leaves with my kids is a tender memory that was tucked away in my consciousness. Until yesterday. Between the much anticipated arrival of my mother-in-law and the still anticipated arrival of “new baby”, my Barbara sat with me and rolled yebra for the first time. I showed her all the tricks my mother-in-law had taught me – fold over the bottom, then the sides, roll it up, keep folding in the sides, lift it gently, like you would a caterpillar, place it seam side down on the tray. She was a natural – happy and proud.

No matter that the nursery is still unpacked, there is no crib and I still have not gotten to the pharmacy for the urgent list of vitamins and creams my doula insists I need. My mother-in-law is here, a family tradition has been passed on, what more do I really need to do? Okay, maybe nobody answer that…

quick and easy shmita review:

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