Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #156 – oops! so happy i forgot to post this one...

What’s all this talk about Israelis being happier than most everyone else?
Are we happy? Hmmm.

Well… without carpool, my mornings are happy. And my afternoons. School ends early. That means my kids are happy. There’s hardly any homework. And so our evenings are happy. My husband doing sponga – there are no words to describe the happiness this elicits. Café afook makes for happy coffee. Israeli breakfast makes for happy tummy. No snow – happy winter. No rain from Pesah to Sukkot – happy summer. My kids run my last minute errands for me – happy Shabbat cooking. I live 10 minutes from Jerusalem and 20 minutes from Hebron – happy inspiration. I go to Mahane Yehuda – happy shopping. I figure out more Hebrew every day – happy discovering. My kids speak Hebrew almost fluently and with an Israeli accent – happy nachas. I live in a spot people like to visit – happy hosting.

I have time to do the things I love and then there’s time left over to sit and write about them.
Happy? Relatively speaking, yes. Absolutely, also. :)

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  1. No homework? Nobody told me that in the recruitment speeches! I may have to rethink my adamant no way no how will I move there to an it may be an option. And Cafe Afook... YUM! But I don't think David could deal with the coffee situation there.