Saturday, August 7, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #158 – camping. part one of two. getting there.

In preparation for our camping trip I sat down with a map, a Fodor’s book on Israel and a list of destinations for tiyulim in the Golan.
This Fodor’s book is for tourists! I called out to Bob. Nothing we want is in here! We need a book of tiyulim for Israelis. In Hebrew, it should be!
Where are we camping again?
All the way north.
No. Syria.
With the help of our friends (veteran campers) I put together our non-tourist itinerary. While Bob put together our Chimigag.

About a week ago when Bob was in the camping store buying gear, he emailed me.
Chimygag. Please Google.
I obliged but alas nothing came up. Later that evening someone called speaking fast Hebrew. Something something chimygag. Mmmm… familiar.
Bob – someone on the phone about chimygag?
Oh! Dad! It’s the chimygag guy! Mommy – it’s important. Asher was very excited.

Then next morning Bob and Saba were off – going to meet someone about chimygag. About which, at this point, I still knew as much as when I Googled it.

They returned triumphantly a couple hours later.
We have a Chimigag.
What IS a Chimigag?
A canvas roof bag.
What will you put in it?
Sleeping bags, tents, whatever you want.
Maybe we can fit the jogger stroller in the Chimigag?
You want to bring two strollers camping?
Maybe not. How much did the Chimigag set you back?
We looked at something like this in New York.
How much was it there?
Something like $40.
And here?
750 shekel.

Are you coveting my Chimigag???
Everyone was interested in the Chimigag. If you understand how Israeli's travel you would understand why.

How Israeli’s travel:
They bring mattresses. They load the mattresses along with sleeping bags, pillows and duffle bags onto the roofs of their cars. They tie it all on with rope and they’re ready to go.

First the security guard at the gate of Efrat stopped Bob. He wanted to know what Bob had on top of the car. Did he think it was a bomb? Bob explained it was for camping gear.
Oohwah! Eyzeh mashu! (wow – now that’s something!)
As we pulled into the crowded parking lot at Nachal Hakibbutzim a chassid walked over to our car. As he opened his mouth to speak I figured he wanted to tell us something about the way we parked. But no. Not even close!
With great curiosity, Ech ha Chimigag hazeh? (how is this Chimigag?)
Yofi! (good)
Eyzeh mashu! (now that’s something!)
A soldier asked us.
Mah zeh Chimigag?
For camping.

As we made our way up north we noticed everyone’s roof packed with mattresses, luggage, plastic chairs and water floaties.
He needs Chimigag!
Look over there – he needs Chimigag!
Woah – this one totally needs Chimigag.
I think I’m going to leave our Chimigag on all the time.
Even when it’s empty and we’re just driving into Jerusalem?
Chimigag baby!

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