Monday, August 30, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #164 – Reasons to make aliya? More like added bonuses once you’ve decided to make the move. I mean the little things.

You can recapture your youth listening to your high school favorites proudly broadcast as the best of today’s music on Galgalatz (Talking Heads, U2, Eric Clapton).

Not only will your short list of dream cars include the Citroen Jumpy but you will also know the difference between the Jumpy and the Peugeot Partner.

You will own (and USE) clothespins.

You will consider corn a normal topping for pizza

If you are a mumbler, you’ll do great. For example, say Mizgar Ladav like I do when referring to Mizgav Ledak and you will end up at the correct hospital.

If you don’t like the meaning of certain words in English, you will relish the opportunity to use them in Israel to mean something completely different.
Why why why means Oy Oy Oy.
A Hebrew corruption of both English and Yiddish. Why? Oy!

Alternately, you can use nonsensical English words to mean something very real in Hebrew.
The tutor told me the kids will need a disk on key for school.
Disk on key?
You don’t know what is disk on key?
(Astonished): But it is English!
So it is.
Disk on key means flash drive. In Israel.

If you’re tired of speaking English altogether, there are plenty of Hebrew words that just roll off the tongue. I don’t think we’ve ever referred to Misrad HaRishui as ‘the licensing bureau’. It’s just good old Misrad HaRishui!

If you’re terrible with street names but have a knack for directions based on right turns, left turns, traffic circles and going straight, you will be able to give an Israeli directions in a way he is accustomed to receiving them. This is great for your self confidence.

There’s an old boys club culture here too…
We spent the day at the pool at Ramat Rachel, one of our favorite Jerusalem hangouts. We called a cousin to come visit us there. He said he’d be right over. I asked if he had a membership. He answered matter-of-factly,
No. But I have many friends.

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