Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Swirling Thoughts #159 – camping. part two of three. yes it just got longer.

Road trip
The car ride up north was the same as any car ride with kids.

There was fighting.
Look at those goats traveling double-decker in that truck!
I saw it first!
No! I saw it first!

There were cows out the window.
Look, kids, cows.
Hey what’s that behind the cows?
No, Syria.

We planned to leave at 9 but really left at 11.
Which worked out amazing. Our first stop was a water hike at Nahal Hakibbutzim. The thing about this place is that it’s nobody’s ultimate destination. Everyone pretty much stops here to cool off on their way up north. Which is strange since it’s probably the hottest spot of the country this time of year (excluding Eilat). But the water is cool and refreshing. And free. Which makes it even more attractive. And crowded. Ridiculously crowded. So leaving late worked to our advantage. As we were pulling in, the rest of the crowd was pulling out. We had a prime parking spot, a choice picnic table and gazebo, and plenty of room to splash around.

There were wheely cribs.
Okay, maybe this isn’t part of a typical road trip but you have to hear about it! The first time I saw the wheely crib – a small crib on wheels with a handle bar for pushing – was on Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin. The moms would show up in the dining hall dazed before their morning coffee with their kids in the wheely crib. I thought it was a kibbutz thing until I saw a lady pushing the wheely crib around Jerusalem with children from her daycare. I started thinking of how a wheely crib could benefit me. As we unloaded our day bags for our water experience in Nahal Hakibbutzim I noticed a clever lady wheeling her whole family’s needs – floaties, towels, food, etc. in a wheely crib. Nice.

Jewish families gone wild.
Fully clothed moms, dads, kids, and babies in backpacks frolicking in the water pretty much sums it up.

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