Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #26 – lost in the translation or just lost?

Excerpts from a safety message I received in Hebrew via email from my kids’ school – I ran it through Google Translator:

Re: Reach for safe passage to school.
…to strengthen the safety of the arrival of a schoolboy…bay download front of the school is intended solely for buses organized shuttles. Parents who take their car first asked to download the children fled, Rachel immediately after turning right spread, olive oil adjacent to the sidewalk... Parents downloading their children in the garage faces the School are asked to perform the horseshoe curve only traffic circle…

And so the mystery of bad signage has been cracked –Google Translator is to blame!

You must be confusing me with someone else.
Bob returned to the store we love to hate – the Office Depot – to buy toner cartridges for the printer we bought less than 2 months ago. Remember? The one they made him open in the store then forbid him from returning… Anyway, he walked in with the empty toner cartridge and asked for a new one.

We do not sell that particular toner. But we asked if you sell the toner before we bought the printer! Which printer? The Canon Pixma MX320. We don’t sell that printer. BUT WE BOUGHT IT HERE. No you didn’t.

There is a reason they do not permit new olim to get a gun for the first three years they are in the country.

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