Sunday, September 27, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #45 – A mechaya (pleasure – that one’s Yiddish)

Daylight savings time ends in Israel just before Yom Kippur – on purpose!
A full five weeks before daylight savings time ends in the US we end it here in Israel. Thankfully just before Yom Kippur. Our fast will start early but will also end early. Selichot at 5am will feel like selichot at 6am and my 6am trip to Kever Rachel will feel like a 7am trip to Kever Rachel. There’s an extra hour to prepare food, say tashlic, do kaparot, pray minha – now somebody here was really thinking! Now if I can only explain the new time difference to those who like to call me in the middle of the night...

Less of a mechaya…
Bob was returning a Shabbat guest to his yeshivah in Alon Shevut last night when the Mitsubishi Grandis stalled and stopped. Just like that. Waiting for this story to evolve.

I walked to selichot this morning and though it was a drop lighter than it would have been yesterday at 5am, it was still pretty dark and I was on heightened alert for wild dogs. I didn’t really have a plan should I come under attack. Maybe my Darth Vader breathing as I huffed and puffed up the hill would hold them at bay? This lame plan, in spite of my advice to our Shabbat guest (whom I confidently told, “The wild dogs WILL eat you if they attack you so always carry rocks in your pocket.”)

Well the jury is still out on wild dogs, their intentions, and abilities. I made it to shul unscathed, if not a little winded. As men and boys stumbled in, grateful for the extra sleep, we waited for a minyan and then began selichot. Michal picked me up and we continued to Kever Rachel (open!) to pray shaharit.

That’s all for now – an hour is, after all, just an hour. G’mar chatima tova.

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  1. I can just picture you hoffing up the hill. Take a walking stick next time , that can be used for the dogs too.