Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #42 – overheard

Soldier at a security checkpoint, redirecting traffic and needing to get the attention of a car full of haredi men: “Tzaddikim!”

Becky and Asher fighting: “I’m up to passuk yud gimmel!” “Yeah? Well I’M up to passuk yud tet!!!!”

Minha tefilot of the painter’s assistant as he prayed facing Jerusalem in front of my house this evening. SEE COMMENT BELOW!

The ice cream man’s not here but I still hear his play list.
Every hour or so the boys’ school has a break outdoors for about ten minutes. Yes, that’s correct. Every hour or so. Every boy in the school gets to run around for about 10 minutes outside. Eureka! Children need to run around outside to stay focused! Anyway, at the start of the break you can hear, all around my neighborhood, including in my kitchen, songs like Lullabye, Muffin Man, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. In lieu of a bell, the boys school plays songs from the ice cream truck.

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  1. re the tefilot of the painters, you didn't overhear the best part.

    Boss: (to worker) Did you daven minha yet?

    Worker: No, I am finishing up this room.....

    Boss: I told you to daven first. Now stop working and daven minha.