Monday, September 7, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #30 - hiding from a big job in a big store

Only in Israel or Only in Givat Shaul?
Long bearded older Chassidic man, riding a Vespa, wearing black pants, white shirt, black kippah. And Crocks.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
You can buy an Israeli version of VIVA cloth-like paper towels for a few shekels more (it’s the exact same thing) but they market them as reusable. “Reusable towels!” Did I mention we let the Shabbat hot water pot cool down motzei Shabbat and then use the cooled water to – what else – water our cacti?

found israel's answer to ShopRite - it's called ShupaShuk. 1700 NIS and 3 hours later... my kitchen is filled with grocery bags and i'm not sure there's energy left to unpack them.

I can’t go back to ShupaShuk any time soon. And it’s not because they weren’t nice or it wasn’t amazing. They were SO nice and it was SO amazing. It’s me. I simply hate to shop. And of course when you put me in a gigantic supermarket with great prices I get it in my head to buy EVERYTHING I anticipate I will need for the next 6 months so that I will not have to shop again too soon. This plan fails me systematically as I always end up making a new shopping list on my way home – for all the ‘little things’ I forgot.

So ShupaShuk was like Beitar’s answer to ShopRite in Brooklyn. Except it’s super kosher (that’s a whole other story – as Bob would tell you, someone saying their store is regular “kosher” is like the least kosher guy in Israel. Why on earth would you settle for kosher when there’s mehadrin min mehadrin (most stringent of kosher of the most stringent of kosher – aka super kosher)???) So it’s super kosher and the butcher ground my chop meat in front of my eyes (that was worth the whole trip!).

They don’t call it ShupaShuk for no reason – I found everything I was looking for and many things I didn’t even realize I was looking for. For example, I purchased 3 pairs of new tzitzit for Asher – the kind I used to buy on Coney Island Avenue that were imported from Israel. They had an entire Gold Line – USA section of kitchen appliances including a washing machine. Hi, honey, I’m home. Can you help me unload the groceries? There was a special on washing machines at ShupaShuk today so the packages are a little heavier than usual…

So we’ve established Israelis are sensitive about smoking (did we establish this? I have to post the picture from Ramat Rachel of the Pinat Ashen – smoking corner). They are sensitive about hayaronim (pregnant ladies) – recall my waived admission fee to Kiftzuba and then today the (60+ year old bearded, armed) guard at the supermarket insisted on wheeling my wagon to the car for me – since I am hayaron – after the checkout girl called to a delivery packer to pack my groceries for me (even though I wasn’t taking delivery) – since I am hayaron. Anyway, I’m sure there are other things they are sensitive about…time will certainly tell...but we’ve also established there are certain issues about which Israeli’s lack a certain (American-type) sensitivity. Political correctness/racial profiling is one. Gun control is another. Peanut allergies has got to be a close third. There is an entire aisle in ShupaShuk devoted to “peanuts snacks”. There is Bamba and then there are 300 different Bamba knock-offs in all different (snack, lunch, party) sizes. I could barely breathe just thinking of all that finely ground peanut dust. And I’m not even allergic.

By the way, the real reason I lost myself in ShupaShuk – Bob left me with another megillah of MAN JOBS to take care of in his absence. And he didn’t even know about the nail in the tire of the Uplander which I diagnosed and had fixed this morning before 9am!!! Bob’s email to me (outlining my jobs) may as well be its own blog post. I get tired just reading it. B’kitzur – there is possibly a used Mitsubishi Grandis in my future. Here’s how it will come to pass:

The Car Guy will call you tomorrow morning re: the car. He is having his guy check it out (not testline but like testline) and will tell us the results. If everything is okay he is going to want you to buy the car asap. Ask him to drop off the report to you. Before we buy the car 2 things need to happen. First you need to go to the bank and make out a bank check. The Car Guy will tell you who to make the check payable to. Order more checks while you're there. We also need insurance. The Car Guy has a guy. Get full coverage, confirm the rate with me and the Car Guy (to see if fair) and then pay. Make sure we are covered on delivery.Get together with the Car Guy and go to the Car Place. The car should be washed. They were to do a wheel alignment and drain something so the ac won't smell. They also are to fix the drivers seat as it shakes back and forth a bit.You are to go to the post office, pay and get something that shows you own the car. After all of this is done and the car is home and you are happy with it, call and ask the Rental Guy to pick up the rental car.

Have fun!

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