Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #38 – the relative nature of dreams

The ulpan orientation was given in Hebrew. I understood most of what was being said, although I suspect she was limiting herself to very basic vocabulary. She did make a point of translating one expression so that we would be sure to know it. Halom l’heetgashem – dream come true.

When we first got here we visited a water park with the kids called Beit Halomotai (House of Dreams). A bunch of little (but really slippery) slides plus huge buckets of water spilling all over the place. For my kids, it really was a dream come true!

I know the ulpan instructor was speaking globally about the whole magical aliyah process but my mind kept going local. I was thinking about the Nissan Vanette (see pic) I’d spotted in the parking lot and laughing about how dreams coming true lead to new dreams. Later when I spotted a truckload of colorful thin “princess and the pea” mattresses, my dream turned to capturing it on film (see other pic).

Totally not dreamy.
My exterminator came today. He asked me where the nimalim ketanchikim were in the kitchen and I told him I’d blasted the area with Clorox. Personally, I was pleased at how that had worked. He was not. Annoyed, he turned back toward the door and said to call him when there were ants for him to see. Thankfully(??), Asher discovered a few ants in his room this morning. When I showed him Asher’s room he miraculously discovered a hole near the window where they were coming in. Watching him put poisoned honey in the hole and feeling a little bit vindicated, I asked him what about the kitchen ants. He told me they won’t come back to where I sprayed the Clorox. They’ll show up somewhere else. I should call him when they return. It sounded ominous – am I really waiting for ants?

Ants, meat, waiting is waiting.
My meat order never arrived and I thought when I called the delivery man that he said he was running late because of the hagim. But he never came. So maybe he said something else. Like he’ll come tomorrow. Or the next day. Who knows? It’s good I’ll be learning Hebrew in ulpan. So that I can track down delivery men or at least understand what they tell me when they don’t show up. For me, this will be a small dream come true.

Tomorrow is a big day – going back to the doctor, visiting Mahana Yehuda for the first time in 18 years, maybe possibly purchasing a car (Mitsubishi Grandis – not the dream Vanette but perfectly fine for life in the aretz), Mai Eden water delivery – what will happen? – will they drop off water or take back the machine? – the game of chicken continues…, and a meat delivery (I HOPE!).

HOLY COW it is 11:49pm and the meat delivery man just phoned to tell me od esreem dakot (20 more minutes) and he’ll be here with my mishloach (delivery). Phew! My Hebrew’s not so bad after all.

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