Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #32 - a day of discovery

A daughter of a friend of a friend.
You know, the person someone tells you to look out for and you really do have every intention of looking them up but then you get all bogged down and you forget all about them and then when you do meet them you know there is some connection, some link, but you are hard pressed to even remember who set you after this person in the first place!

My most refined and subtle introduction to date:
I overheard someone in the makolet talking about lahamagine. I nearly tripped over my wagon running to them, almost shouting: “Who are you?! You also make lahamagine?!” It’s funny how we’re always searching for connections.

The truth is out there somewhere.
After weeks of searching I found two things I most certainly never needed before I came here:
1. salt for the dishwasher (this does something to counteract the limestoney (hard) water)
2. special water for the iron (in lieu of the limestoney (hard) water which would destroy the iron)
When I filled my hot water pot this morning I peeked inside. I’ve been using bottles of Mai Eden to fill the pot every Friday before Shabbos. When I hesitated before ordering the Mai Eden (I mentioned to the English speaking saleswoman that we do have a water filter on the sink), I was told that Mai Eden is MINERAL WATER – filtered sink water is just filtered sink water. It sounded good at the time. B’kitzur, I expected my hot water pot to be sparkling on the inside. It was not. It was covered with dusty grey limestone residue. Bob did point out to me that limestone probably falls into the category of “mineral”. He’s interested in testing the contents of the filtered sink water vs. the unfiltered sink water vs. the Mai Eden “mineral” water. He believes it to be all the same. I’m starting to think he may be right.

If you ignore it, it won’t go away.
This is what everyone tells me about lice. I find it also rings true for mail. I finally got my mail and accosted a friend in the makolet. She had no choice but to read through it with me. I had to know – that very huge amount on the CapitolOne bill from Hashmal Tel Aviv – was that my electric bill??? Bob keeps telling me the electric is very expensive here. He runs around after me and the kids shutting lights and fans. He’s turned into both our fathers. Don’t get me wrong – Bob’s not stingy or tight by any stretch of the imagination. I think this is just part of his Israelification. In any case, the electric bill turned out to be a fraction of the mysterious Hashmal Tel Aviv bill – so little, in fact, that I started dreaming about leaving the magic electric hot water button in the on position all day long. And then it hit me – the electric bill is estimated. Based on my Israeli landlord’s use while he still lived here. I’m guessing once they actually check the meter, the bill will grow. Unless the Israelification takes hold of the entire family. So much for my hot water dream…

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