Friday, October 2, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #49 – a new skill set

It happened! Just like they said it would!
I feel like I just got initiated to some sort of club – satisfied at my efficiency, I looked at my stovetop thinking about our delicious dinner in the works (gefilte fish, soup with gundi, fasoulia, string beans with meat) – and wondered why the pots were no longer giving off steam. I peeked underneath the pots and could only laugh at my fate. The gas balloon ran out! Since these things are known to happen erev hag I was not surprised when I called the gas balloon people and got a busy signal. Four different times. B”H, I have a second balloon and so I turned it on (I now know how to do this!!!) and continued cooking. Note to self: call gas balloon people during hol hamoed (reality check: there is NO WAY they will be open until acharay haHagim).

Life experience
I am now an experienced medical specimen courier. I set my alarm for 7am and had my children’s throat cultures at the Kupat Cholim office well before the real lab courier showed up at 8:30. I was given a series of barcodes, a phone number, a username and a password. By hook or by crook I will be able to access the results sometime on Sunday. Here’s hoping I can understand them.

My gardener and I were reviewing which southern California plants would thrive in my garden when the Lice Lady ran in, between appointments, to check my kids because I had begged, begged, begged her to come. When she left, he asked me what she gets per head – I told him the money is good – maybe his daughters should train as lice ladies. He laughed and said, “They should train?!? They are already trained! They grew up here!”

Hag Sameah!

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  1. dinner sounds delicious, it's too short notice for tonight but will be there in the near future...booked flight today.