Sunday, October 25, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #69 – stocking up on flushable wipes does not count as nesting

Some people would take it as a cue
Two people I know with pretty much the same due date as me gave birth this past week. I started a new book, bought theater tickets, and invited guests for Shabbat.

One of my favorite activities, if you can call it that, is visiting the girls’ school. It’s not like you can just pop in and hang out – you need to be going there with a purpose distinct enough for the armed security guard to unlock the steel gate and open it for you. I’ve had occasion to bring a wayward machberet (notebook), a lunch and then today Bob and I went together to meet with a morah (teacher). What I love about going to the school is seeing the girls playing so freely and happily. They are everywhere and then within seconds of hearing an ice-cream man jingle over the loudspeaker, they are nowhere – all seated in their class.

This morning just before school started the girls were outside the classroom bouncing a ball against the wall and then jumping up to let the ball bounce back between their legs. And then suddenly they disappeared into their classroom where they opened their siddurim and began morning tefilot before the teacher even arrived.

We’re on the last roll of Charmin from the lift but it’s the flushable wipes I’m after
Israeli toilet paper is not what it was 20 years ago when I dormed here. When we would have nightly dorm discussions about the exfoliating properties of the green, pink and blue paper and yearn for some squeezable Charmin. Israelis have since been turned on to softness and the good stuff is now readily available here.

Israelis have yet to discover the wonders of white tuna and caffeine free diet iced tea
Everyone has their American product they stockpile when they can find it. And everyone who lives here knows all about not being able to find it. Yesterday someone was telling me about Philadelphia cream cheese which has been unavailable in all the local supermarkets for the past month. I have another friend who, when she can find Formula 409 in the market, will buy out the inventory. Incidentally, the entire inventory here is usually 6 of something. So my weakness is for flushable wipes for my kids. They carry one brand – Huggies – but only sometimes. Tonight I took a special trip to the bigger meaner makolet and bought out their entire inventory (three 3-packs).

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