Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #72 – reach out and touch someone

I finally got a phone!
Well, one that works like a US phone and isn’t my cell – it’s in the house and I get reception all over my first floor. And I bought and prepared steak for the first time since we’re here. And we ate it with a 28 NIS bag of Bodek broccoli florets (exactly the same price as in the US). I spoke with one of my Brooklyn friends on the phone as I was preparing dinner and though I was snacking on olives, tehine and grapefruit soda while we were talking, it all was so totally reminiscent of a typical weeknight in Brooklyn – minus the homework and plus the husband.

Just the two of us...romance redefined
Bob and I took a trip to Shefashuk together this morning to stock up on cholent meat, snack sized potato chips, flour (five bags for 15 shekels!), “fruit” juice (we can’t shake our dependence yet), soda, impossibly thin plastic ware, store brand flushable wipes (score!), Israeli pasta, and gourmet chocolate chips (I bought out the inventory!). The highlight for Bob was finding the slice-it-yourself-bread-slicer in the front of the store and then taking a rye bread and slicing it himself. For me the highlight was having Bob there to help me push/pull my two wagon loads of groceries. We spent so much we earned free gifts. Sticker books “for to keep the children very busy for very long – it’s good for you.”

We’re off to see the Wizard
Just after the lights darkened in tonight’s production of the Wizard of Oz (in Hebrew), Rosie announced she was ready to go home. She has a way of announcing things that is not really conducive to just ignoring her and sitting through even another second of the show. “I want to go home. I want to go home now. I want to go home this instant! Mommy! Let’s go home. Let’s go home now. Let’s go home this instant!”

Odds and ends
Since Becky refuses to wear a pony tail I figured it was a good idea to get her hair cut fairly short to keep her safe (Ha!) from any lice that might want to jump onto her during lineup at taekwondo. It’s cute and really really short. She’s as happy as can be. There goes another fake contraction. Waking me up from my club chair nap instead of my snoring. I packed my hospital bag. Sort of. I can’t remember what you’re supposed to bring. And I’ve heard they don’t bring you food to the room during your stay (after you’ve given birth) – something about a communal cafeteria for new moms you need to walk to if you are interested in eating. Maybe I’ll pack some snacks.

Israeli TV revisited: It wasn’t Israeli Lost – it was Israeli Survivor
More like Israeli Survivor meets Israeli Baywatch from the looks of it. You decide:

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