Friday, October 23, 2009

Swirling Thoughts #67 – morning sickness redefined and coveted and congratulations for the winter

Official confirmation of my theory
Before I left the Kupat Cholim the other day, the doctor sent me across the hall to have the nurse culture Asher’s throat for strep. “So I’ll go on line tomorrow afternoon and get the results?” I said, knowingly. “No.” She replied, looking at the clock. “The test will first go to the lab tomorrow.” I had to give my commentary. “So you just have people walking around with active infections here, waiting for lab results and getting on medicine days after the infection has started?” She smiled and answered, “It’s best to get sick in the morning, here.”

Kids can do lots of jobs, some better than grown-ups
Since Bob left I’ve been having the kids take Rosie to her gan across the street. Every time I remind them to be careful crossing. I also tell them to make sure she doesn’t run out the door after them. Today Rosie turned to me and said, “No, Mommy, I only do that when YOU take me!”

More hilarious Google Translator:
On the opening of school a festive ceremony attended by all girls school, girls were crushed at Khan…apologies tour… marched followed a lion Levy in Jerusalem. Cults John went for a walk around the house really Javier nose and delicious pita experienced an enjoyable activity…also went for a walk on the water and die fathers eye…It should be noted that many classes were held at the Arab awakening…Congratulations for the winter and continue a healthy fertile years.

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